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March 5, 2004
New installers have been released for alpha 1 please download.

December 5, 2003
The installers have been released for the alpha please download and take a look.

November 15, 2003
Race Track is a Pinewood Derby software program that has been used in several Pinewood Derbies during the past year.

It will be great when we have several more open source applications that are focused on scouting.

Race Track is written in Java using Swing.

Race Track is integrated with Hypersonic a Java Database so that the boys can be registered ahead of time and the race results can be saved.

The features that are included in Race Track so far are:
1) Registration for racers (Boy's name, Car Name)
2) Schedule (Input # of Lanes and Rounds and you get a race schedule i.e. who is in what lane for each heat) following Young and Pope Partial Perfect N
3) Integration with the Judge by New Directions a company that makes Timer Finish Lines
4) In addition to who is currently racing in what lane the race manager also shows who is on deck (going next and in which lane) as well as the previous results for the last several heats.

Upcoming features:
1) Sound effects. (ability to play any mp3, wav, midi file for crashes, music, sirens etc.)
2) More integration with other finish lines
3) More types of schedules (double elimination etc.)
4) Multi Lingual
5) and more

November 15, 2003
The new site is starting to take shape however it still needs much attention. I am planning on making the source and installers available on December 1, 2003.